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Integrated Solutions

At MIST & Associates we recognize that there is no single solution that meets every organization’s needs. To find real value added for your organization our team will audit your current processes and make recommendations that make sense for your needs.


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What's Next?

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After our assessment we will work with your team to implement the proper balance of process, strategy and technology to ensure reliability and regulatory compliance that will allow your organization to become more effective, efficient and competitive..

How Long Does the Process Take?.
Start to finish is different for every organization depending on the level of service needed to meet your organizations objectives.

For custom solution our Associates can design and develop a solution from the ground up to meet your organization’s needs. We will then work with your team members to implement the solution that has the right balance of value added. This solution typically takes multiple team members to complete

We can assign one SME to your organization if your organization is looking for support in only one area of our expertise. The Associate assigned to your organization will act as project manager reducing overhead and cost. .